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Automotive Unlocks in Lexington

Purse? Check. Shopping list? In hand. Car keys? You realize you've left them in the ignition, just as the door slams shut. You could a. have a meltdown in the store parking lot or b. solve the problem with your dignity intact. If option "b" is more to your liking, keep 24/7 Locksmith LLC on speed dial. We'll get you back in your vehicle, and your day back on track in no time flat!

Opening doors for you

Your car keys could be on the moon for all you know, but statistically speaking, they're probably somewhere in your vehicle. Although 24/7 Locksmith LLC can't replace your car keys, we can provide automotive unlock services any time, day or night. Call us and we'll be there in 15-20 minutes to unlock your vehicle for the lowest prices in Lexington, KY, guaranteed! 

You're the master of your keys

Science has confirmed the existence of black holes in the universe. At 24/7 Locksmith LLC, we're pretty sure they exist on Earth, too, and when we find them, they'll be full of odd socks and old keys. If your office or apartment keys have gotten lost in space over the years, we can help with replacements, and master keys, or help you start fresh with new locks and hardware. Call today for a free estimate! 

"Wait" is a four-letter word

When you've been locked out of your house, store or vehicle, the last thing you want to do is stand around looking silly for hours on end waiting for a locksmith. With 24/7 Locksmith LLC, you won't have to. We can respond to most lock-outs within 15-20 minutes tops. Call our team in Lexington, KY and put us to the test! We're confident we'll pass it with flying colors and be the only locksmith you trust for residential, commercial and automotive lockouts. 
"Calling anyone else is a waste of your time!" - Christopher G., Google
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